As a result of a complaint filed with affidavits and evidence organized and included by Attorney Daniel L. Ellis on behalf of his client, the United States Department of Justice successfully concluded an investigation and negotiated an agreement whereby a large franchised restaurant would modify their policies regarding the use of service animals for every restaurant it owns and operates in East Tennessee.

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Many years ago the American Bar Association used to have a Disability Rights and Responsibilities Section. This likely expressed the then prevalent stigma against people with disabilities even with the advances in disability rights. It was a defensive posture - a yes people with disabilities have rights under the law, but we also have responsibilities we are asking for an equal playing field not an advantage.

If your vision is impaired and you need a test to be in braille and cannot read or answer test questions without this accommodation - then you aren't getting an advantage you are getting an equal opportunity to take and pass that test.

If you are Deaf in the United States and your first language is American Sign Language and are a part of Deaf Culture, then when you speak to a doctor at their office, then that business is required to provide you a sign language interpreter. Health care providers have a duty to provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services when necessary to ensure that communication with people who are deaf or hard of hearing is as effective as communication with others.  28 C.F.R. § 36.303(c).This duty is not limited to just health care professions.

Learn more about when many members of the American Deaf community use a capital "D" for Deaf and when a a lower case "d" for deaf might be more appropriate here. You can also easily learn one of the most important and simple ASL signs for Help in American Sign Language.

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