Daniel L. Ellis is a Civil and Family Mediator with Special Training on Domestic Violence Issues.   Daniel has both served as a mediator and helped represented parties arrive at Martial Dissolution Agreements which included a Permanent Parenting Plan, as well as, helping unmarried parents mediate and craft a Parenting Plan which met their needs and worked with their work schedules and lives. Mediation can help expedite and resolve disputes in both the Family Law and Civil arenas.  Whether it is a complex personal injury case involving a car wreck and multiple parties and even multiple insurance companies or a disability rights or civil rights case getting an experienced attorney as a mediator can help you resolve complex disagreements in a confidential and efficient manner.

Prior to becoming a licensed attorney in 2009, and a licensed mediator in 2015, Daniel competed in Mediation Moot Court in 2009 when at the University of Tennessee College of Law and he and his teammate won 1st Place at Regionals and went on to Fifth Place at the National Competition.  Daniel has served as a volunteer mediator in victim offender reconciliation.  Daniel has served as a mediator and co-mediator in divorce, post divorce, visitation and employment disputes.  If you are ready to try another way forward or want to learn more and see if mediation could help you, then give us a call today at 865-235-1787!

In addition to serving as a mediator in family law cases, Daniel has served as a volunteer co-mediator with mediators volunteering with the Community Mediation Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. there are Community Mediation Centers across the State of Tennessee. You can learn more by visiting the State of Tennessee’s Administrative Office of the Court’s Webpage on Community Mediation Centers.

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