Limited Scope Representation and Limited Scope Consultation

In many practice areas Attorney Daniel L. Ellis provides free phone consultations, but often legal issues are factually specific and complex – and involve matters where establishing Attorney Client Privilge is a tangible benefit.  For those more complex and/ or sensitive legal questions, Attorney Daniel L. Ellis offers Limited Scope Representation and Limited Scope Consultations where you can utalize his expertise and analysis one step at a time.  If full scope representation is a logical or unavoidable next step, then we will explain how our services can work for you.

Full Scope Representation

There are many areas of law where the legal issues in a dispute can change quickly and you need a lawyer prepared and ready to adapt to the changing litigation landscape at a moment’s notice.  WIth Attorney Daniel L. Ellis, you have an attorney with civil, crimininal, and administrative experience who can adapt and prepare you for the complicated twists and turns that come with complex litigation.


Whether you need a mediator or representation in a mediation, it pays to have an experienced Civil and Family mediator in your corner.  Daniel volunteered as mediator since 2008-2009 and has been a listed Tennessee Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission Rule 31 Civil and Family Mediator since July 28, 2015.  Daniel has been listed by the Tennessee Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission as Specially Trained in Domestic Violence Issues since July 29, 2015.


Security Clearance Hearings and Appeals




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