Facing the Inevitable: Why We Avoid Essential Estate Planning

Life is a journey filled with various twists, turns, and often the unexpected. We prefer to focus on the present rather than contemplate our own mortality and prepare for the future. Thinking about death or our own incapacity can be uncomfortable, even frightening, and as a result, many of us put off essential tasks like essential estate planning. In this blog post, we'll explore the common reasons why people avoid consulting with an attorney and executing an essential estate plan and why it's crucial to overcome this avoidance and take action. If you are ready to take action, then call 865-235-1787 and leave us a message with your contact information and a basic description of your legal need or contact us online here.

1. The Fear of Facing Mortality:

It's natural to want to avoid thinking about our own death. The mere thought of it can be unsettling and evoke anxiety. However, burying our heads in the sand won't make the inevitable go away. Estate planning is not about dwelling on our mortality; it's about securing the future for our loved ones.

2. Procrastination and the Illusion of Time:

One common reason for delaying estate planning is the belief that we have plenty of time. We often think of it as something to address later in life. However, life is unpredictable, and accidents or unexpected health issues can happen at any age. Waiting until it's too late can leave your loved ones in a difficult situation.

3. Lack of Knowledge:

Estate planning can seem complex and overwhelming, especially for those who are unfamiliar with legal terminology and financial matters. The fear of the unknown can be a significant barrier. However, consulting with an experienced estate planning attorney can demystify the process and help you make informed decisions. Schedule your confidential consultation today and ASK questions in a safe private Attorney Client Privileged meeting and we will do our part to ask questions and educate you on various legal solutions to many common and even complex problems! Don’t delay call or text 865-235-1787 today!  Contact us online: here.

4. Family Dynamics:

Sometimes, the avoidance of estate planning is rooted in family dynamics. Unresolved conflicts or strained relationships within the family can make discussing inheritances and assets uncomfortable. However, addressing these issues in an estate plan can actually help prevent future disputes and ensure a smoother transition of assets.

5. Misconceptions about Estate Planning:

Many people believe that estate planning is only for the wealthy. This is a common misconception. Estate planning is for everyone, regardless of your net worth. It involves making decisions about your healthcare, finances, and the distribution of your assets, ensuring that your wishes are honored.
In Conclusion, take action and move from avoidance to education. Schedule a confidential consultation and learn more or schedule a consultation and let us get started on your essential estate plan! Avoiding thoughts of our own mortality and delaying estate planning is a common problem and I can relate I delayed writing my own Last Will and Testament, Durable General Power of Attorney and Durable General Power of Attorney for Health Care, Advance Care Plan and other documents until weeks before a trip out o the Country with my Wife. So you aren’t alone in this and I can relate AND help you move forward and take action! Call or text 865-235-1787 or contact us online here.
Remember, estate planning is not just about addressing death; it's about securing the future for your loved ones, ensuring your wishes are met, and providing peace of mind. Overcoming these common barriers can lead to a more organized and secure financial future for you and your family and avoid your estate falling into intestastcy and complex legal battles.