Flashback Friday Feb 16, 2017 TNCO DAY ON THE HILL


Flashback Friday - I was able to join several local Knoxville Leaders and Volunteers from private industry, and public service, all advocating for a wonderful organization the Sertoma Center. Sertoma was originally an acronym for “service to mankind” and was founded by the local knoxville Sertoma Club. That day we visited with nearly a dozen legislators advocating for Sertoma's Knoxville-area individuals with intellectual disabilities, as well as for badly-needed salary increases for our direct service providers/caregivers. I am still grateful for State Senator Becky Duncan Massey’s leadership of both the Sertoma Center and as a State Senator as she helped to secure that much needed funding increase which helped serve people with disabilities and infuse local communities all across the state with much needed incrementally improved funding for direct support professionals.