Learning Lessons

One thing I admire about the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, American Nuclear Power, scientists, and engineers, and the Department of Energy is when lessons are learned procedures improved and nuclear power is made safer. I am no expert, but found interesting the discussion in Information Notice No. 93-53: Effect of Hurricane Andrew on Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station and Lessons Learned and other sources about Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Hurricane Andrew's historically significant here because that was the first time that a hurricane significantly affected a commercial nuclear power plant.  This is also discussed in various retrospectives including but not limited to one by the Union of Concerned Scientists, Hurricane Andrew v. Turkey Point, by Dave Lockbaum on July 12, 2011.

In that later discussion, Mr. Lockbaum, focuses on the positive that even though this was a significant first, no radiation was released into the environment and that the nuclear units, which had been manually shut down hours before the hurricane arrived, remained in a stable condition.  However, he mentions as does the normal telephone service failed because the storm blew down the lines near the station, hand held radio, functioned but that and failures impaired communications. In addition, the winds severely cracked the exhaust stack on the Unit 1 oil-fired plant. Fortunately, the Unit 1 chimney which was severely cracked and was removed by controlled demolition on September 4. Read more in the Effect of Hurricane Andrew on the Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station from August 20-30, 1992, Jointly sponsored by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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